“The aim of the historian, like that of the artist, is to enlarge our picture of the world, to give us a new way of looking at things."

- James Joll -


Curriculum Vision

The History Department at Walthamstow Academy is fully committed to all students making sustained and rapid progress to achieve or exceed their aspirational targets. All students are stretched and challenged every lesson in order to ensure they are able to achieve to their full potential in this important academic subject. Our goal is to enable all students to truly learn and understand some of the astonishing events, remarkable people and changes that have taken place in Britain and across the world, and to learn from past mistakes and recognise the importance of making a better future.

All students:

  • We are ambitious for, and have high expectations of, all of our pupils and know that every student can experience success in History through careful sequencing of the curriculum and high-quality, research-informed teaching and learning
  • We believe that every student should develop an understanding of how our history forms our sense of identity and place in the world, and through studying a range of periods and peoples will become more empathetic and open minded
  • Our knowledge rich curriculum and consistent use of explicit instruction and systematic retrieval practice across all classes ensures all students make progress in History, including those with SEND


  • Through our curriculum delivery students can confidently encounter and understand the dynamics of the modern world
  •  Students will learn to ask thoughtful questions and develop independent, analytical thinking and a passion for learning

Strong analytical skills and development of core History concepts:

  • Our curriculum develops students’ skills of analysis and their ability to explain important changes and events in history
  • Our curriculum enables students to develop their understanding of core history concepts including their ability to analyse a range of historical sources, explain the significance of key events in history, and explain why historians have different interpretations about events and people in history


  • Our curriculum sets out to develop all students literacy skills in writing, reading and speaking. Students’ extended writing skills, speaking and debating skills and reading a wide range of historical texts
  • Our curriculum develops students’ tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary. Students are provided with key terminology definition lists for every history unit



The History Team

  • Mr Vimal Pandya – Head of History
  • Mr James Patterson - Teacher of History
  • Mr Paul Tannahill – Teacher of History