Ethos and Values

The best from everyone

Our aim is to bring out the best in everyone. So we must expect the best from everyone, all the time. Every child is a special individual, capable of extraordinary things. Who can know the limits of any child’s potential? So, we expect unreasonably – we constantly challenge children to do what they think they can’t, to persist, to work hard and to be at their best.

From every adult we expect the same: that they are at their best, expect unreasonably of themselves, are determined and resilient and pass those expectations on to the children in all they do. We act with the utmost love, care and good faith – the highest standards come with the greatest attention to the wellbeing of all.

AMBITION achieve the best for ourselves and others.

We show Ambition when we:

  • have high expectations, dream big and believe
  • move out of our comfort zone, broaden our perspectives and extend ourselves
  • be the best we can be all the time


…to overcome obstacles and reach success

We show Determination when we:

  • continuously try to improve, learning from feedback and experience
  • show independence yet know when to ask for help
  • embrace failure, overcome barriers and don’t give up


...for ourselves and others in all that we do

We show Respect when we:

  • value, embrace and celebrate difference
  • demonstrate good manners and are considerate to each other and our environment
  • show empathy and are kind

CONFIDENCE have the courage of our convictions and to take risks in the right cause.

We show Confidence when we:

  • communicate effectively with courage and conviction
  • act as role models and challenge others
  • express our individuality 

CREATIVITY imagine possibilities and make them real.

We show Creativity when we:

  • use our imagination
  • seek alternative ways to achieve a goal
  • demonstrate joined up thinking  


…to seek opportunity, find what is good and pursue talents and interests

We show Enthusiasm when we:

  • are positive and eager to help others
  • volunteer, take part, go beyond what's required
  • are curious: ask and answer questions