Expectations of sixth form students

At Walthamstow Academy Sixth Form, we have a strong ethos and high expectations of our students. Joining the Sixth Form is a voluntary act by students and we welcome the fact that students want to extend their education by so doing. We try to recognise this by treating students as young adults wherever possible and by offering a greater range of privileges than pupils in Years 7-11.

However, by joining the Sixth Form and becoming senior students of the school, students must also accept a greater responsibility. This responsibility extends both to their own learning and to the ability of teachers and other students to focus most effectively on their tasks. 

Good attendance, adherence to the dress code and exemplary behaviour are all fundamental to achieving academic success and are expected at all times. They confirm a positive attitude and desire for success and are all part of a student’s ethos and code of conduct. As a student of our Sixth Form you will be expected to meet the following expectations.

The best in everyone

Our motto is ‘the best in everyone’ and we set high standards with clear expectations. We focus on encouragement, underpinned by good discipline. Staff, students and parents work together and uphold the same high standards to ensure that ‘the best in everyone’ means:

The academy day

08:30 - Form Time/Assembly
09:00 - Lesson 1
10:00 - Breaktime
10:20 - Lesson 2
11:20 - Lesson 3
12:20 - Lunchtime
13:10 - Lesson 4
14:10 - Lesson 5
15:10 - End of Day

Students are expected to attend school from 8.30am – 3.10pm each day. Lesson time will consist of teacher taught subject lessons and independent study session in the sixth form area.

Attendance and punctuality

Students must maintain a minimum of 96% attendance at both school and in lessons throughout their course in order to be successful. Failure to achieve this will result in Parents/Carers being contacted and students being put on attendance report in the first instance and may jeopardise their place in Year 12. This information will also be amongst those criteria considered when applying for Year 13. All sixth form students are required to register with tutors every morning.

Dress code

Sixth form students are no longer required to wear the Walthamstow Academy uniform, but they are expected to dress in business wear, this includes a blazer for all students. Students must also wear their ID card and sixth form lanyard at all times to conform to health and safety policies. Clothing considered business wear are suits, blazers, smart trousers/skirts, shirts/blouses, ties, smart dresses and leather style shoes. Please do not wear jeans, leggings, trainers, hoodies, sweatshirts, polo shirts or sports/casual wear.

Our business wear policy is designed to help students feel professional while in a high level educational environment and encourage them to be the best version of themselves. It also helps to prepare students for the adult world by making them comfortable in business settings as well as ensuring they feel confident walking into interviews and professional settings representing the best version of themselves. 

Behaviour and conduct

We look at sixth form students as the role models for the rest of the academy and the wider community and hold them in high regard. The behaviour of Year 12 and 13 students is expected to be of an exemplary standard at all times and in line with the academy policies. Failure to comply with the expectations of sixth form students may lead to temporary or permanent exclusion, ultimately jeopardising a student’s place at Walthamstow Academy Sixth Form.

  • ID Cards must be worn at all times on a lanyard and visible around the neck. Walthamstow Academy is a secure site and access will not be possible without an ID Card
  • Bringing the name of Walthamstow Academy or sixth form into disrepute outside of school will result in temporary or permanent exclusion

Student welfare

The Academy is committed to providing a supportive and caring learning environment that fosters academic success, where sixth form students can enjoy their time and study. We have a team of professional staff dedicated to assisting with student welfare matters.

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