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“Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth"

- Julie Andrews -

Curriculum Vision

Our drama curriculum is broad and ambitious with a the aim of developing each student into a well rounded, confident and articulate individual that is able to think critically about the world around them, with highly developed levels of emotional literacy and cultural capital.

Our offer of drama ensures students explore the wide ranging world of theatre and drama: students explore different approaches to the art of acting, directing and theatre making through the exploration of differing historical, cultural and artistic styles. This broad approach helps students connect with their inner artist and helps them better understand the world around them and the human condition.

All students

  • We have high expectations of all of our pupils and know that every student can experience success in drama through careful sequencing of the curriculum and high-quality, research-informed teaching and learning.
  • Every student has the right to experience performing arts and drama regardless of prior attainment or ability to help them develop their emotional literacy, emotional intelligence, oracy and communication skills.
  • Explicit direct instruction and high quality teaching of specialist drama and theatre skills across all schemes of work ensure that all make progress regardless of ability, particularly SEND students.


  • Through the careful sequencing and delivery of the curriculum, students learn how drama reflects the world we live in and how through connecting with ideas, characters from different backgrounds, and mature themes, theatre can be a powerful force for change both in the individual and the world around them.
  • Students grow in confidence and key progress indicators are an excellent way of students measuring their progress and improving skills.
  • The ability to speak publicly Infront of an audience is a transferable life skill which students develop in each and every drama lesson, helping build their confidence, self esteem and pride in their work.

Development of devising, acting, speaking and higher order thinking skills. 

  • The drama curriculum is engaging and inspirational. It challenges students to step out of their comfort zone and to push themselves to work with individuals of all abilities and to realise their innermost creative ideas. Students are equipped with the tools to enable them to create powerful pieces of theatre using innovative techniques and conventions to create bespoke pieces of theatre.

Drama is a powerful tool that imbues students with a strong sense of self worth, powerful voices and empathy. This is why drama students work in a wide range of fields from Law, nursing, roles within the media, design, the police, theatre and TV.  


University and Careers


Our curriculum introduces students to some A level content at KS4. Students are equipped to be able to discuss complex and challenging ideas getting them ready for studies at KS5 and Degree level


We teach students that drama is an incredible subject to open many doors.  Students not only build their performance techniques and skills in analysis and evaluation but also grow as confident articulate individuals.  Being able to speak with expression, passion and confidence is a life skill that can open doors and drama students continually develop their skills in working with groups, sharing and pitching ideas, listening, compromising  and negotiating. Furthermore students develop  high levels of creative thought and critical thinking allowing for ‘out of the box’ thought.

Students learn to develop writing narratives, stories and monologues which directly supporting the work they do in English and all their academic subjects.

Drama is an extremely popular option choice at Walthamstow Academy. Students explore a whole variety of themes, stimuli and topics that aim to develop and refine their skillset even further.

Previous theatre visits have included trips to the West End to see ‘Blood Brothers’ and recently ‘The Woman in Black’.


Drama Curriculum Journey

The Drama Curriculum Journey can be viewed by clicking on the banner below:


The Drama Team

  • Ms Sacha Donnelly - Head of Drama
  • Ms Monica James - Teacher of Drama