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Q:  What are Academies?

A:  In many ways, Academies are very similar to other maintained secondary schools. Students will work towards the same exams and the Academy will be subject to Ofsted inspections. However, there are some key distinctions between Academies and normal maintained schools:They are outside of LEA control and are funded directly by the DfES (with a contribution to the Capital Cost made by a private sponsor).

They are not obliged to follow the National Curriculum.

Academies have a curriculum specialism for which they receive extra funding from government. At Walthamstow Academy our specialist subjects will be Maths, Science and Business and Enterprise.   

Q:  What ICT facilities are there?

A:  Walthamstow Academy is a 21st Century learning community, with state-of-the-art technology used across the curriculum and throughout the Academy day.  The ICT facilities provide the following technological tools to enhance high quality teaching and learning:

  • In every classroom there is an interactive whiteboard connected to a computer and data projector

  • There are internet facilities available in every learning space

  • Every student and teacher has an email address and access to an Intranet. This creates anytime/anywhere learning opportunities that students and parents will be able to access from home

  • Students and teachers are able to access computer resources across the site, including four dedicated ICT suites, learning resource areas and a wireless network

  • Other facilities include a Video Conferencing system, digital Language Laboratory, recording studios and both a TV and Radio Station, plasma screens for displaying daily news and a computerised library and administration system


Q:  Is Walthamstow Academy a faith school?

A:  No. The ethos of Walthamstow Academy encompasses the four Christian principles of care, tolerance, discipline and hard work; however, we hope and expect that people of all faiths and no faith are able to sign up to these principles equally. There is no faith criterion for admission and we welcome students and staff regardless of their religion. 

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