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Dress code

Our students are expected to wear their uniform with pride. 

The uniform is: smart, unique, practical and machine washable.

We have a number of different options to meet the cultural and religious needs of the community we serve. 

We are always looking at ways to save money whilst of course maintaining high standards. Therefore, the only compulsory Walthamstow Academy items are the blazer, the knee length skirt, the tie and the PE top. The grey trousers, navy school jumper (optional), grey ankle length skirt and navy PE ‘bottoms’ are not specific to Walthamstow Academy and can be purchased anywhere.

Academy uniform

Academy Blazer*
Light blue shirt with Academy tie* (at least 6 stripes showing)
Light blue blouse
Academy jumper* (optional)
Grey trousers, knee length grey shorts, Academy skirt* (knee-length) or ankle length grey skirt
Plain black socks (ankle or knee length) 
Black tights
Dark coat
PE Kit
Academy T-shirt with logo*
Academy shorts* (optional), navy tracksuit bottoms, navy PE shorts or navy sports leggings
Academy sweatshirt* (optional)
White sports socks or navy football socks
Trainers: soles must have grip, no plimsolls and no football spikes
Plain, black, leather-style or leather shoes
No heels, plimsolls, canvas shoes, trainers, sandals, open toe shoes or boots
Dark school bag
- at least A4 in size
Separate PE bag for PE kit 
No caps
Head coverings must be plain black with no visible other colour, adornments or logos. They must be worn in such a way that they do not impede vision or endanger safety.
Hairstyles should be professional, and hair should not be excessively coloured.
Hair accessories should be black, grey, blue or silver.
Single, small (less than 5mm in diameter) plain metal stud allowed in each ear lobe.
No visible necklaces, rings or bracelets allowed
No other visible piercings are allowed 
Make up and nails
No excessive makeup allowed
Nails should not be longer than fingertip length
Any nail polish should be clear 

Items with * can only be purchased from Speedstitch, our uniform supplier: 

SpeedStitch, Unit 32 Walthamstow Business Centre, London. E17 4SX

Full details of our supplier and costs can be found by going to the supplier's website below: 


Sixth form dress code

Sixth Form students are no longer required to wear the Walthamstow Academy uniform, but they are expected to dress in business wear, this includes a blazer for all students. Students must also wear their ID card and sixth form lanyard at all times to conform to Health and safety policies. Clothing considered business wear is suits, blazers, smart trousers/skirts, shirts/blouses, turtlenecks, ties, smart dresses and leather style shoes. Please do not wear jeans, leggings, trainers, hoodies, sweatshirts, polo shirts or sports/casual wear.

Our Sixth Form business wear policy is designed to help students feel professional while in a high level educational environment and encourage them to be the best version of themselves. It also helps to prepare students for the adult world by making them comfortable in business settings as well as ensuring they feel confident walking into interviews and professional settings representing the best version of themselves.