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Year 7

At the start of Year 7, your child will complete a comprehensive aspirations questionnaire, which will provide us with an insight into their future career plans, PSHRE topics that interest them, as well as an insight into their wellbeing. This information will be used to tailor our Work-Related Learning offering to suit the needs of your child.  

Year 7 students will participate in skills development workshops focused on communication, confidence building, resilience, and growth mindset, with a focus on developing their employability and soft skills. These sessions will take place as part of our PHSRE programme during tutor time. 

What should parent/carers be doing to support their child with their careers journey?

As a parent/carer, we understand that you have a vested interest in your child’s future, and you want to ensure they are making the right decisions.

Things that you can do to support your child include:

  • Having regular discussions with them about their skills and interests, linking these to potential careers
  • Encouraging your child to attend career talks and events focused on the careers that interest them
  • Encourage family members and friends to discuss their careers with your child, so that your child can gain an understanding of the variety of careers available to them in the future
  • Look for extra-curricular and wider career opportunities that your child can participate in to nurture their career aspirations
  • For more information about how you can support your child’s career journey, please click here for a parent and carers guide to helping your child begin their careers journey.

What should your child be doing to realise their future career aspirations?

  • Be open to opportunities that allow them to find out about the careers that will be available to them in the future
  • Identify their skills and interests, linking them to the careers that will utilise these skills
  • Speak with family and family friends about the industries they work in and the job opportunities available within these industries
  • Attend career fairs, career events and any other opportunities that will expose them to the world of work and the career opportunities available to them

What we offer students in Year 7:

  • Aspirations questionnaire
  • Access to a fully resourced careers library
  • Kidzania Learning Zone trip for students who are unsure of the variety of careers available to them
  • Be Ready employability, wellbeing and soft skills sessions
  • University visits
  • Speaker of the month – monthly after school careers talk, led by an industry professional
  • WRL ambassador programme – cross-key stage enterprise and entrepreneurial skills-based program
  • Speakers for Schools career talks
  • Financial education tutor-led program