Praise and Sanctions

By demonstrating the values of Respect, Determination and Ambition, our students can earn respect points.

They are given in the form of P1 (+1), P2 (+2) or P3 (+3) according to the table below.


“exceptional respect, determination & ambition is who I am”

Given When

A student shows exceptional respect, determination or ambition.

This is not an award that can be given for just ‘doing the right thing’. A student must go above and beyond to be eligible.

Students receive

A letter personally presented by Ms Skae congratulating the student on achieving this respect point.

Three respect points gained.


“I show respect, determination and ambition repeatedly as I want to have a great future and impress my teachers"

Given When

A student shows sustained evidence of the respect, determination or ambition that we expect.

This award will be given where a student’s progress or attainment puts them at, or near, the top of the class.

Students Receive

Three respect points gained.


“I have completed work to a good standard and I have shown respect, as I enjoy receiving recognition"

Given When

A student shows evidence of respect, determination or ambition.

Students may show some evidence of progress in their work, or be working particularly well during a section of a lesson.

Students Receive

One respect point gained.



Where a student fails to demonstrate our values, they will lose respect points and be given a sanction. They are given as S1 (-1), S2 (-2) and S3 (-3)


“For a short space of time my conduct was below the high standard I expect of myself”

Given When

A student shows a momentary lack of respect, determination or ambition.

The student receives a warning during a lesson for minor disruption

Students Receive

A single loss of respect point.


“I have broken a school rule that was put in place to help me learn. For example, I may have been late to school or failed to complete my homework”

Given When

A student shows a lack of respect, determination or ambition.

The student breaks a school rule and thus places themselves or others at a disadvantage for learning.

Students Receive

A one hour centralised detention after school.

Two respect points lost

Protected Learning Room Referral

“I have shown a serious lack of respect for myself and/or others, I need time to reflect and I need help to ensure I do not repeat this poor behaviour”

Given When

A student shows a serious and/or sustained lack of respect, determination or ambition

A student does not respond to two warnings to cease low-level disruption or when a transgression of the school rules is too serious for an S1 to be given.

Students Receive

An entire school day in the Protected Learning Room

Three respect points lost


Respect boards

Every three weeks, a student’s respect points total is calculated. Each year group is then placed in rank order, from the person with the highest number of respect points to the person with the lowest. This rank order is published on a board in the Agora. We do this so that there is complete transparency and so that students can see clearly how their conduct compares to others.

Tutors track changes in respect points and discuss these with students in their tutor group. Heads of Year also discuss them in assembly and often run tutor group competitions to see which tutor group can gain the most points overall.

New Leaf Monday & values booklets:

We all make mistakes, and we deserve recognition when we change our behaviour for the better. For that reason, every half term the Respect Boards in the Agora are reset to zero for every student. If a student did well in the previous half term and gained a positive score, then they now must show they can do it again. If a student did not do well and had a negative score, then they now have a second chance. For this reason, we call the first Monday back after each holiday ‘New Leaf Monday’.

New Leaf Monday isn’t just about resetting the respect boards. We also use this time as an opportunity to reflect on the extent to which students have demonstrated the school values over the previous half term and to set targets for the new half term. The first week of each half term is a time for reflecting on successes, learning from mistakes and setting a positive tone for the weeks ahead. Students are provided with a ‘values booklet’ which they fill in with their tutor’s guidance during the first week back.

Respect assemblies:

The final assembly of each half term is a ‘rewards and recognition assembly’. We use these assemblies to recognise the exceptional achievement off students before New Leaf Monday starts everyone off from zero. In these assemblies, students are congratulated on exceptional attendance, high respect point totals and excellent academic performance.