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The Pupil Pledge

At Walthamstow Academy we make a firm commitment to follow our Pupil Pledge to ensure that our students are exposed to a holistic educational experience during their time with us.

This is our Pupil Pledge:


I am a pupil at Walthamstow Academy. My academy will:

  • Support its pupils’ spiritual, emotional, moral, cultural and physical development to bring out the best in everyone.
  • Celebrate my academic, sporting or creative talents.
  • Offer me an extensive range of sport, music, drama, art and other activities which will be publicised clearly.
  • Provide me with a good learning experience, every lesson, every day.
  • Give me the chance for my views about my school to be listened to.
  • Help prepare me for life after I leave the school.


Every year

  • I will have had the opportunity to play a musical instrument, sing in a choir, participate in a sporting festival/competition, or be involved in a dramatic production.
  • I will have had the opportunity to listen to inspirational speakers
  • I will have been taken to an artistic, cultural or sporting event
  • I will have had the opportunity to help others through voluntary activities
  • I will have had the opportunity to meet and work with pupils from other United Learning schools

During my time at school, I will have been given the opportunity to go on a residential trip.


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