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Extra Curricular

We offer an extended Academy day including a breakfast club, lunchtime activities and a wide-ranging after-school extension and enrichment programme.Students throughout the Academy have opportunities to take part in a range of activities enabling them to learn from different people and try things they never thought possible. Through these, students develop high order teamwork and leadership skills.Students of all ages hold positions of responsibility and serve the community. We have an active Academy Council made up of students from each form. This involves all students in consultation and contributes to Academy improvement planning.


YR7 Timetable Sept 2019-20.pdf 380KB Year 7 Timetable
YR8 Timetable 2019-20.pdf 382KB Year 8 Timetable
YR9 Timetable Sept 2019-20.pdf 382KB Year 9 Timetable
YR10 Timetable Sept 2019-20.pdf 377KB Year 10 Timetable
YR11 Timetable Sept 2019-20.pdf 378KB Year 11 Timetable
YR12 Timetable Sept 2019-20.pdf 378KB Year 12 Timetable
YR13 Timetable Sept 2019-20.pdf 381KB Year 13 Timetable
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