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Computing Department

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” -  Steven Hawking

The Computing department at Walthamstow Academy aims to develop confident digital citizens. Through challenging and engaging projects, students will learn how to use computational thinking skills to solve given problems. All students will have the opportunity to write their own programs, design webpages and apps, and produce professional quality digital products

We are dedicated to ensuring that our students leave the Academy with the skills to embrace a future of rapidly advancing computer technology.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students will design, use and evaluate computational abstractions that model the state and behaviour of real-world problems and physical systems. They will learn 3 text based programming languages: Python; HTML/CSS; and JavaScript. Students will understand how computers work by looking at the hardware that make up computer systems. They will begin to understand how various types of instructions are stored and executed in computer systems, and how they can be used to represent images, music and text.

Students will undertake creative projects that involve selecting, using, and combining multiple applications to achieve challenging goals. This includes collecting and analysing data and meeting the needs of known users. They will understand a range of ways to use technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely: including protecting their online identity and privacy; recognising inappropriate content; contact and conduct; and knowing how to report concerns.

Software and websites – Google Classroom, Scratch, Tinker CAD, Photoshop, KODU, APPShed, Microsoft Office, Python IDLE, Code.org , CodeAcademy.com CodeAvengers.com, KhanAcademy.com

Key Stage 4


Computer Science GCSE  

Component 01: Computer systems

This unit covers the body of knowledge about computer systems.


Component 02: Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming

This unit covers how to write algorithms, use computational thinking/logic, understand about data representation in computers and produce robust programs. 

Component 03: Programming Project

Students will need to:

  • Understand standard programming techniques
  • Be able to design a coded solution to a problem including the ability to:
  • Develop suitable algorithms
  • Design suitable input and output formats
  • Identify suitable variables and structures
  • Identify test procedures.
  • Create a coded solution fully annotating the developed code to explain its function
  • Test their solution:
  • To show functionality
  • To show how it matches the design criteria
  • Identifying successes and any limitations

The Computing Team

  • Mr Modu Miah- Head of Computing
  • Mr Waqas Ashgar
  • Mr Ishtiaq Raza-Hussein
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