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Business and Enterprise Department

“I made 5,127 prototypes of my vacuum before I got it right. There were 5,126 failures. But I learned from each one. That’s how I came up with a solution. So I don’t mind failure”.

– James Dyson

“Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.” 
Meg Whitman, CEO of Quibi

Curriculum Vision

Our business and enterprise curriculum gives all of our students an understanding and insight into the world of work, specifically the ways in which businesses are established, run and how they benefit society. Our curriculum makes our students think independently and curiously about the way the world works: its economies, its people, and its ethics. We provide our students with opportunities to analyse existing businesses, develop their enterprise skills and creativity, apply their mathematical knowledge and grow and develop into young adults who appreciate how financial and business markets work.

All students

  • Our curriculum enables all students to have an understanding of the economy, the role of business in society, how to analyse and evaluate different types of businesses and gain the skills necessary to gain employment and even develop their own entrepreneurial skills.
  • All students have the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication and presentation skills, which are transferrable skills they can then apply to their further studies, employment in later life or their wider life experiences.
  • We believe that all students have the right to study and understand the world of business and enterprise, so that they can confidently navigate the world of business as adults.

Good Communication skills, Confidence and Curiosity

  • Our curriculum develops students into confident communicators – through the development of their body language, verbal and written communication they will be able to articulate themselves to others in a wide variety of audiences.
  • Studying Business and Enterprise develops our students’ curiosity of how the wider business world – both national and international – affects and influences their lives, and how they can contribute to and influence the business world themselves.

Development of a growth mindset

  • Our approach to teaching business requires students to constantly expand and extend their knowledge and understand of business, and independently seek opportunities to research Economic & Business global affairs.
  • We expect our students to read business articles and research on a regular and wide-ranging basis in order for them to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Reasoned judgements using numerical data

  • Our teaching of numerical strategies to analyse business, such as applying financial ratios to business accounts enables students to develop their evaluation skills; we encourage students to draw a range of solution-focused conclusions.


Curriculum Overview


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 10


Exploring Business :

Examining the Characteristics of Enterprises


Exploring the role of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship with its risks & rewards. Identifying a Business Opportunity through Market Research


Exploring Business :

Exploring how Market Research helps Enterprises meet customer needs


Putting ideas into practice using Financial methods and making Business effective through the Marketing Mix


Exploring Business :

Investigating the factors that contribute to the success of an Enterprise


Understanding external influences on Business using Political, Economic, Social & Technological factors

Year 11


Promotion & Finance for Enterprise (External Assessment)


Understand how to grow a Business in a global market and making Marketing decisions using the Marketing Mix


Planning & Pitching an Enterprise Activity


Making operational & financial decisions investigating quality & using financial calculations


Planning & Pitching an Enterprise Activity


Exploring making human resource decisions using effective recruitment and motivational techniques


Year 12


Exploring Business

Personal & Business Finance

A Level

Understanding meeting customer needs and influences of the Market

Sources of Finance and Financial Planning


Principles of Management

Recruitment & Selection

A Level

Marketing mix and Managing Human Resources

Managing Finance and Resource Management


Pitching for a new Business

A Level

Investigating Entrepreneurs & leaders

Exploring External Influences on Business

Year 13


Developing a Marketing Campaign

A Level

Investigating Business Objectives & Business Growth

Globalisation & Business Expansion


Managing an Event

A Level

Decision making techniques & Influences

Investigate Global Marketing


International Business

A Level

Assessing Competitiveness & Managing Change

Global Influences & Companies

University and Careers


The vast majority of students go on to study Business or Economics at RG universities and the department is known for its highly successful destinations for sixth formers in particular. The continual assessment model in BTEC prepares students well for coursework assignments/ dissertation work at university


We provide a number of opportunities for our students to link our curriculum with the world of work and their future career aspirations:

Y10 Work Experience

Access Inspiration and Next Gen Work Experience Scheme

Careers Week in March

Dragon’s Den Programme

The Business and Enterprise Team

  • Mr Tunokan Ogbe - Subject Leader & BTEC Co-ordinator
  • Ms Sarah Akoto - 2iC Year 8
  • Mr Rob Evans – Head of Year 12
  • Mr Waqas Asghar – Subject Teacher


For more information on our curriculum, please email tunokan.ogbe@walthamstow-academy.org for a copy of our department curriculum handbook.

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