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Religious Studies

“It’s the duty of everyone to defend Religious freedom and promote it for all people” - Pope Francis

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness” - Dalai lama

Religious Studies at Walthamstow Academy aims to provide pupils with both a strong respect for faiths and cultures. Pupils learn ‘from’ religion for example by learning about key teachings. Pupils also learn ‘about’ religion, for example the history and stories Religious leaders.

As well as these pupils learn about ethical issues within today’s world and also challenge themselves with philosophical issues for example, The problem of evil.

The vision of the department is to ensure that students are aware of their own faith and the faith of others, to be able to reflect on why faith is important for many people, and maybe even for themselves, and to appreciate the role that faith has, in nurturing good citizens.

Overall we aim to give students a broad and enriching experience, throughout years 7-11 students will engage with good quality teaching and experience extracurricular opportunities in the forms of visiting speakers and trips.


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