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Philosophy and Ethics

“Science gives us knowledge, but only Philosophy can give us wisdom” – Will Durant

Philosophy and Ethics is taught at Walthamstow Academy as an Alevel in Religious Studies. Pupils study philosophical and ethical concepts in great depth and apply them to real life situations. In Yr 12 pupils also investigate either Christianity or Islam as an in-depth historical/Theological study.

Our vision is to inspire the next generation of philosophers and to get pupils thinking outside of the box. Pupils develop excellent debating, analytical and evaluative skills.

Results in the department are outstanding and pupils go on to study at Redbrick universities.

Key Stage 5

Philosophy of Religion

  • Religious Language
  • Religious Experience
  • Nature of God
  • Life and Death
  • Miracle


Religious Ethics

  • Meta Ethics
  • Freewill and determinism
  • Conscience
  • Virtue Ethics
  • Applied ethics topics

The Philosophy and Ethics Team

  • Ms Hocking – Head of Social Science, Head of RE (teaches Philosophy)
  • Ms Sorrell – Vice Principal, Teacher of RE (Teaches Ethics)
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