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A wide range of extra-curricular activities are available at Walthamstow Academy and run during lunch times and after school. Some of these activities include; Basketball, Football, Trampolining, Volleyball Athletics, Rounders, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Gym club and Rugby.


The students have demonstrated their commitment to extra-curricular training and this can be seen through the multiple successes they have had throughout the year.


The Sports Ambassadors this year have also made a fantastic contribution to PE at the Academy and have run a number of sporting events, as well as multiple primary school events. The PE department are extremely proud of everything the students have achieved and look forward to recruiting more exceptional ambassadors next year.

Extra Curricular Activities

Kayaking at Southmere Boating Centre

In February 2014, Year 11 GCSE PE students were given the opportunity to try Kayaking at Southmere Boating Centre in Abby Wood.

The students embarked on a two day course learning the strokes and techniques to allow them to be assessed in the sport for their GCSE.

Despite the howling wind, rain, hail and at some points sun, the students worked exceptionally hard and all achieved a grade which will boost their overall GCSE PE result.

Mr Matthews, Mr Mercer, and Miss Clare are extremely proud of the students and very impressed that almost all of the students capsized and swam in the murky, freezing lake to row their boats in to secure a high grade.

Kayaking Gallery

Borough Cross Country Championships

Borough Athletics Championships

Sports Ambassadors

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