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Careers and Work Related Learning

Careers Information, advice and guidance is a very important part of the curriculum. It provides the link between what we do in school and the student’s next steps into the adult world. In July 2016 the Work Related Learning Department at the Academy successfully achieved the renewal of Investers in Careers Award.

Careers Staff


Mr Nick Loblack

Assistant Principal


Telephone: 020 8527 3750

Ms Emma Brady

Work Related Learning Administrator


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Careers Programme

A breakdown of the students’ entitlement for Careers and Work Related Learning at each key stage as follows:

Student Entitlement

By the end of Key Stage 3, students will:

  • know how to use the careers library. As part the library induction in Y7, all students are shown the careers section of the library.
  • have found out more about themselves, including their skills and talents, personal qualities, and possibilities for change in PSHRE WRL lessons.
  • know how to make decisions, such as choosing GCSE/BTEC options
  • have learned about equal opportunities
  • have had careers interviews with the independent careers advisor
  • have used U-Explore to find out more about the types of work they are suited to and interested in
  • have discovered more about the world of work and the choices they have to make
  • have started the process of action planning

By the end of Key Stage 4, students will have:

  • had the chance to do a work or voluntary placement
  • used computer resources such as U-Explore to continue to find out more about the types of work in which they are interested
  • Year 11 students have dedicated sessions when they are introduced to Unifrog and given their login details so that they could explore their future career paths and make informed decision about their post 16 pathways.
  • received more information about their post-16 options
  • developed an action plan
  • had a guidance interview with the independent careers advisor
  • had information about local colleges
  • had the opportunity to speak to employers and training providers about their prospects for the future

By the end of KS5 all students will have:

  • extended their self-knowledge, career exploration, career management, key and other employability skills
  • developed their career capital (e.g. with work experience, voluntary work)
  • devised a set of personal criteria to help them identify appropriate routes to their goals
  • researched, evaluated, obtained guidance on, chosen and applied for an appropriate opportunity and, if necessary, financial support
  • made a back-up plan in case things go better or worse than expected

Ambitions Survey

We offer pupils a wide range of experiences and activities throughout their time at Walthamstow Academy, many of which will be targeted towards your child’s interests. At the start of each academic year pupils will be asked to fill in a survey identifying up to 5 areas of work that they are interested in finding out more about. We then use this information to provide activities and speakers to facilitate their understanding of that type of work. We also use this information when planning School trips.

PSHRE WRL Programme

Every student in the Academy has a half term dedicated to Work Related Learning in the PSHRE programme of study. For example, half term one was Year 8 WRL and half term two was Year 11 WRL in which they focus on college application. Other year groups will have a different half term for their work related learning.  During that half-term a year group will have three 40 minute sessions over our two weekly timetable where they have dedicated Work Related Learning Lessons with full resources to enable them to learn about their future careers and develop employability skills.

Speakers Programme

As well as the careers programme, Walthamstow Academy is developing student’s awareness of careers throughout the curriculum. Speakers from different industries regularly come into lessons and assemblies to speak about careers. In the past year we have welcomed employers from City firms, Mybnk, 7billion Ideas and The Training Trust. We are also proud to work with Future Focus Consultancy Ltd, the Brokerage and The Business Education Partnership.

One to one Careers Interview

Independent careers advice and guidance is a crucial part of Work Related Learning. All students in Year 11 will have their one to one careers interview with our dedicated independent careers advisor. All students are informed about the one to one interview provision in their WRL assembly. Therefore, students in any year group can request to see the careers advisor or they can be referred by their tutor or their teachers.

Careers Week

Every year the students participate in the careers week filled with in class activities, lunch time activities and attend workshops delivered by industry experts. Every department in the Academy takes part in the careers week to demonstrate to the students how each and every subject taught in the Academy relates to the world of work.

Careers Fayre

On 16th of November 2016 the students at the Academy attended a careers fayre organised by the WRL Department for the students. There were twenty exhibitors from different industries including Universities and legal practitioners. In future the careers fayre will be an integral part of the careers week in order to facilitate direct interaction between our students and industry representatives.

Work Experience

Students in year 10 have the opportunity to take part in two weeks work experience. The main focus of this is for students to develop their employability skills and consider the importance of communication and team work while in the work place. Students are encouraged to find their own placement in an area of work that interests them; alternatively, they are able to choose from a database of employers provided by the Business Education Partnership (BEP).

Professional Interview Day

Every year the students in Year 10 participate in the Professional Interview Day when the Year 10 students come to the Academy in Business attire to be interviewed by professionals from their selected industry in which they would like to work in future.  This teaches the students key employability skills as they receive both verbal and written feedback on their application, presentation and performance at the interview.

Further details on the Academy’s careers programme can be accessed by contacting Mr Nick Loblack on the details above.



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