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Helping Schools in Ghana Through the Turing Trust

Walthamstow Academy is very lucky to have such good computing facilities. We are even luckier to be in a position to be able to replace our old machines with new ones occasionally. Last year we donated many of our old computers and laptops to the Turing Trust who took them to Ghana for use in one of their many sustainable micro-development projects. With this donation the Trust were able to kit out 5 schools. We have recently made an even bigger donation which James Turing was most appreciative of:

"I was delighted to hear of your most recent, incredibly generous donation to the Turing Trust. Thank you so much!"

"I hope that this video might bring home a bit about how much impact these computers are making" - James Turing

The Turing Trust doesn’t just “dump” the equipment on the recipients; the charity aims to re-use equipment that they receive by: 

  • Teaching local technicians to upgrade and maintain the computers
  • Teaching local programmers to build and maintain their own light operating system
  • Placing the computers in schools for students to use

As you can see from the photos, they are very pleased to have our computers, and of course we are very pleased to have helped them in this way!

For an insight into what the Trust is about, check out the video below too.

By Mr Walker, Technical Services Coordinator

Helping Schools in Ghana

Introducing the Turing Trust

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